Classix Pleasure Pump with FantaFlesh Sleeve

Classix Pleasure Pump with FantaFlesh Sleeve

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Classix Pleasure Pump with FantaFlesh Sleeve is your key to unlocking a world of size and confidence you've only ever dreamt about! Experience the thrill of watching your manhood grow bigger, thicker, and more powerful than ever, thanks to our state-of-the-art vacuum suction technology. 

Designed to surround your entire shaft with direct vacuum suction, the Pleasure Pump doesn't just feel amazing – it works wonders too! Featuring a super-soft, comfortable FantaFlesh® sleeve, it wraps tightly around your shaft, forming a perfect seal at the base for maximum results.

With each pull of the user-friendly EZ-Grip pump trigger, the Pleasure Pump simulates the suction of a blowjob, delivering rock-hard erections that last and last. The clear vacuum tube lets you witness your growth in real time, with a convenient measuring scale to track your progress.

Want to prolong the pleasure? Slide the included enhancement ring over your shaft for a tight squeeze that delays ejaculation, maintains your erection, and keeps the fun going. And when you're ready for release, press the quick-release button to relieve the vacuum pressure instantly.

Cleaning up is a breeze – detach the cylinder from the vacuum hose and wash with a toy cleaner and warm water.

Invest in the Pleasure Pump and take your size, confidence, and pleasure to new heights!

Classix Pleasure Pump with FantaFlesh Sleeve Features:

  • Direct vacuum suction for maximum growth
  • Super-soft, comfortable FantaFlesh® sleeve
  • User-friendly EZ-Grip pump trigger
  • Clear vacuum tube with measuring scale
  • Quick-release button for instant pressure relief
  • Included enhancement ring for prolonged pleasure
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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