Ultimate Silicone P Spot Teaser

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Ultimate Silicone P Spot Teaser is a great prostate massager that can be used by both beginners and professionals. This is the ultimate tool for prostate stimulation. 

This powerful prostate massager is sleek and compact with a high-quality silicone form. It also has a rigid inner frame and velvet touch. This is the perfect prostate toy for both beginners and professionals.

Simply add a lot of water-based anal oil to increase sensations and elevate your prostate play. This ergonomic handheld allows you to hold the massager steady by putting your finger through the loop. You can get different stimulations and sensations from each end. 

You can choose to stimulate your body gently or more intensely. It's up to you. Your prostate becomes hydrated as the rigid head slides in and out. You will feel the soft-touch silicone make you smile and contract. The rigid stem will taunt your prostate while the silken skin around the ring will stimulate your sensitive nerve endings beneath the sacrum and tailbone

Ultimate Silicone P Spot Teaser Features:

  • An ergonomically designed prostate masseur for exceptional spot stimulation
  • Premium silicone is used for hypoallergenic and velvet-smooth sensations
  • The prostate massager's rounded, bulbous tip allows for precise, form-fitting stimulation
  • The angled shaft with ergonomic ripples and an ergonomic shaft provide precise, form-fitting stimulation
  • P-tab with a P-tab base stops unwanted travel and adds external sensations
  • Coated with premium silicone for a hypoallergenic, velvet-smooth experience
  • 3.5 inches of insertable length and a slender girth of 2.7 inches

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