Temptasia Auto Breast Pump System

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Temptasia Auto Breast Pump System is your passport to unexplored pleasure and heightened sensations. Elevate your intimate experiences with this innovative and versatile breast pumping system designed to enhance sensitivity and stimulate the senses.

The Temptasia Auto Breast Pump System has two ergonomically designed breast cups, high-quality silicone tubing, an automatic pump, and a user-friendly release button. Simply position the cups over your breasts and let the battery-operated pump create the perfect suction level to meet your desires. The air release valve ensures effortless removal and allows uninterrupted play, whether you prefer maintaining constant suction or experimenting with rhythmic pumping.

Apply lubricant to the cup openings for optimal performance to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. The detachable cups also allow you to maintain suction while indulging in other pleasurable activities.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock new realms of pleasure with the Temptasia Auto Breast Pump System. Experience the thrill of enhanced sensations and let this revolutionary device take you on a sensual journey.

Temptasia Auto Breast Pump System Features:

  • PLAYFUL: An automatic power breast pump that simplifies breast massage and stimulation
  • EROTIC: Tailor your experience with gentle or strong suction, depending on your preference
  • HYGIENIC: Red silicone tubing and easy-to-clean acrylic components ensure a sanitary experience
  • PEACE OF MIND: Made from body-safe materials, free of fragrances, phthalates, paraffin, and latex
  • SIZE: Generously sized 4.3-inch inner diameter for each breast cup, providing a comfortable fit for most users

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