Sax Super Max 12 Pack Condoms

Sax Super Max 12 Pack Condoms

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Sax Super Max 12 Pack Condoms is the ultimate choice for those who value safety and pleasure. Meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled experience, these condoms strike the perfect balance between size and sensitivity, allowing for an unforgettable intimate encounter.

At the core of the Sax Super Max Condoms is the individual electronic testing for quality, ensuring each condom meets the highest safety and reliability standards. With a 64mm nominal width, these condoms are designed to accommodate larger sizes, providing the comfort and fit you've sought.

The Sax Super Max Condoms also feature a lubricated, non-spermicidal coating, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable experience without compromising safety. The straight-shafted design ensures a snug fit, while the reservoir tip offers added security, keeping your mind at ease during your most intimate moments.

Constructed to international standards, each Sax condom adheres to ISO 4074, guaranteeing unmatched quality and performance. To ensure optimal use, the enclosed instructions provide clear guidance on proper application.

One of the most outstanding features of the Sax Super Max 12 Pack Condoms is their unique combination of size and sensitivity. While being the biggest in the range, these condoms still maintain an impressive level of sensitivity, allowing you to experience every sensation to the fullest.

When it comes to storage, your Sax Super Max Condoms should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, preserving their integrity and ensuring they're always ready for action when you are.

Sax Super Max 12 Pack Condoms Features:

  • The perfect balance of size and sensitivity: Designed for those who require a larger fit, these 64mm nominal-width condoms deliver an unmatched level of comfort and sensation.
  • Reservoir tip: This thoughtful design element provides extra safety and security, minimizing the risk of leaks or spills.
  • Straight-shafted: The streamlined, straight-shaft design ensures a snug and comfortable fit, allowing optimal pleasure and protection.

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