Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack Condoms

Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack Condoms

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Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack Condoms are the ultimate fusion of comfort, safety, and pleasure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these premium condoms deliver an unmatched sensual experience while ensuring protection beyond industry standards.

Each Sax Extra Tighter Fit condom is individually electronically tested for quality, guaranteeing unparalleled reliability in every single use. These condoms are designed to provide a snug and secure fit, with a nominal width of 46mm, ensuring optimal contact for heightened sensitivity and pleasure.

The straight-shafted design and the reservoir tip allow for a seamless and natural feel. Lubricated with a non-spermicidal formula, Sax Extra Tighter Fit condoms glide effortlessly, accentuating every intimate moment and providing both partners with a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Rest assured; every Sax condom is manufactured in compliance with the stringent guidelines of international standard ISO 4074. This ensures consistent quality and safety, allowing you and your partner to focus on the passion and connection that matters most.

Each Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack includes a detailed instruction manual, ensuring proper usage and maximum protection. To maintain the integrity of these premium condoms, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Elevate your intimate encounters with the Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack Condoms, the perfect blend of safety and sensuality that will leave you and your partner craving more.

Sax Extra Tighter Fit 12 Pack Condoms Features:

  • Designed for ultimate sensitivity: Our smallest and most sensitive condom yet, delivers unparalleled intimacy and pleasure.
  • Perfectly snug 46mm nominal width: A secure fit that maximizes contact and enhances sensation.
  • Reservoir tip: Offers extra safety and a natural feel, allowing for a seamless experience.
  • Straight shafted: The sleek design ensures effortless glide and heightened pleasure.
  • Single-use only: Each condom is designed for a one-time, worry-free experience.

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