Satisfyer Endless Joy Red

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Satisfyer Endless Joy Red is your ultimate pleasure companion designed to satisfy your every desire! Whether going solo or sharing the experience with a partner, this versatile and powerful device has covered you with over 14 unique applications and more than 100 thrilling vibration combinations.

Crafted from silky smooth silicone, the Satisfyer Endless Joy houses three robust motors in its sleek, ergonomic design. The main body boasts one motor, while the two smaller arms contain a separate motor, offering unparalleled stimulation for your most intimate regions. Customize your experience by controlling the vibrations independently. Let your imagination run wild with the two-button interface that offers ten intensity levels for each motor, resulting in an exhilarating 100 possible vibration combinations.

The possibilities are truly endless with the Satisfyer Endless Joy. The strategically inclined head's textured surface can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and testicles. At the same time, the flexible arms are perfect for teasing nipples, the clitoris, labia, or any other erogenous zone during foreplay. The larger shaft targets the G-spot with ease and intensity, while the powerful vibrations can also be used to tantalize the glans or shaft of the penis.

  • 14 different use applications provide a wide variety of options for hours of versatile and exciting play
  • The separately controllable motors can be combined allowing for 100 possible vibration combinations.
  • Suitable for both solo play and couple use to enrich your lovemaking

What’s the Satisfyer Endless Joy?

The Satisfyer Endless Joy is a vibrator for couples that provides endless fun and variety with over 14 different applications. The multifunctional couple’s vibrator made of delicate silicone is equipped with 3 powerful motors that will make you experience deep and exciting vibrations in all your hot spots. The first motor is hidden in the voluminous main body, while the second and third are hidden in the smaller arms. You can control the vibrations in the arms separately from the main body, giving you exciting combinations that you can use in a variety of ways: With two buttons you can control 10 different vibration levels each and create up to 100 variations of exciting vibrations.

How do you use the Satisfyer Endless Joy?

The Endless Joy has a variety of functions: To simultaneous stimulate the clitoris and testicles, for example, place the multivibrator around the penis from above and position the inclined head with the textured side facing forward. Of course, you can also turn the device any way you like - whatever gets you going.

You can massage the nipples, clit, labia or any other area during foreplay with the arms. The larger shaft stimulates the G-spot easily and intensely thanks to its ergonomic shape and powerful vibrations. But that’s not all this multivibrator has to offer by far: The powerful vibrations can also stimulate the glans or shaft of the penis. This gem is also waterproof (IPX7) so you can take it with you in the bathtub or whirlpool if you like. Of course, you or your partner can also enjoy the Endless Joy alone as well as together. You can easily clean your Endless Joy after use with a little lukewarm water and soap or a sexual wellness device cleaner.

Get the Endless Joy and enjoy more variety and fun during your pillow talk!

Satisfyer Endless Joy Red Features: 

  • 10 modes of vibration
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Also suitable for couples
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Easy to clean 

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