Penis Plug Ultra Sound Grey

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Are you ready to have your last sex cherry popped? One of the fastest-growing fetishes is Sounding. Half of your time is already spent rubbing and tugging on your best appendage. You can stimulate it by going inside.

Are you not interested in traditional medical practice? No problem. Our 100% premium silicone sounds will make your best friend and his urethra very happy! You get all the benefits of silicone, including the ability to sterilize and a smooth surface. The four Sport Fucker's Sounds are available in red, blue, black, and grey.

The ridges on this great plug are three inclines slightly wider than the shaft. The unique feature of this plug is its curved handle, which goes over your head and rests with the ball on your frenulum. This provides both internal and slight external stimulation. It's hot to see the handle sticking out because your Ultra Sound is stuffed into your throbbing bod

Penis Plug Ultra Sound Grey Features:

  • Length: 12.7cm. (5 in.)
  • Ball: 1cm. (4 in.)
  • Shaft: 4.35mm.-4.6mm. (.17-.18 in.)
  • Ridges: 5.1mm-5.2mm (.2-.21 in)
  • Tip: 5.2mm. (.21 in)
  • Distance from ball to shaft: 2.3 cm. (.9 in)

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