LoveToy Kegel Balls Pink

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LoveToy Kegel Balls Pink Introducing the LoveToy Kegel Balls Pink system - the perfect choice for those starting their journey towards pelvic and vaginal floor fitness! Designed with beginners in mind, this system offers a unique combination of pleasure and exercise that helps increase orgasms, build muscle tone, and strengthen the pelvic muscles.

The Pleasure Bead is a revolutionary, modular alternative to traditional Ben Wa balls, making achieving your fitness goals and intimate pleasure a breeze. With consistent use over time, these beads help improve muscle strength and maximize your sensual enjoyment. 

Each set comes with two balls weighing 32g and can be worn with or without the accompanying silicone holder with a convenient pull cord for easy removal. This system is an excellent option for those new to kegel exercises and women who have given birth or are over 30.

We recommend coating each kegel ball with a water-based lubricant for maximum comfort and enjoyment during use. So why not take the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling intimate experience with the LoveToy Kegel Balls Pink system today?

LoveToy Kegel Balls Pink Features:

  • Includes 2 x 32g Beads and a silicone bead holder with a pull cord included for easy removal
  • Presented in an elegant box with a satin carry pouch for discreet storage

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