Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lube Tube

Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lube Tube

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Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lube Tube Introducing the latest addition to your bedroom playtime: Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lube Tube! This specially designed tube is stylish and unique and adds a new level of excitement to your intimate moments.

To activate the glow feature, hold the tube near a bright light for 30 seconds, and watch it come to life in the dark. This innovative design makes it easy to find in the dark, eliminating the need to fumble around or turn on the lights, adding to the anticipation and fun of the moment.

But Glow in the Dark Lube Tube is more than a pretty package. The water-based lubricant is formulated to provide a smooth and sensuous experience for both partners, enhancing sensitivity and reducing friction without leaving any greasy residue. It is perfect for sensitive skin and won't stain your sheets or clothing, ensuring a worry-free experience.

The non-greasy gel is clear, cool, and natural, mimicking the body's natural lubrication for maximum comfort and pleasure. It is also easy to clean up and won't leave any sticky residue, making it a perfect addition to any intimate moment.

Glow in the Dark Lube Tube is packaged in a convenient 100ml tube, making it easy to carry with you on the go, ensuring you never compromise on your pleasure.

Experience new excitement and pleasure with Glow in the Dark Lube Tube. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Four Seasons Glow in the Dark Lube Tube Features:

  • Smooth and Sensuous
  • The tube that glows in the dark
  • Natural feeling non-greasy gel
  • Increases sensitivity
  • Water Based Lube

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Water purified, glycerine, propylene glycol, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, lambda carrageenan, phenoxyethanol, methyl hydroxybenzoate, ethyl hydroxybenzoate, sodium lactate, EDTA

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