Fetish Fantasy Whip Cat-O-Nine Tails

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Fetish Fantasy Whip Cat-O-Nine Tails Made with genuine leather, this whip will have your lover obeying your every command. Leather Handle and Strands. Made to Play Hard.

Do you like to mix pleasure and pain? Are you the type who likes multiple levels of stimulation? The Cat-O-Nine Tails whip offers you the ability to gently tickle your partner with the leather "tails" of the whip, or really cause some pleasurable pain with a decent crack. A whip draws blood to the surface of the skin, making the affected area more sensitive to stimulation. 

This genuine leather whip is easy to clean and store. Don't have a whip rack? Not a problem, it will fit your sock draw along with your other toys.

Fetish Fantasy Whip Cat-O-Nine Tails Features:

  • Made with genuine leather
  • Cat-O-Nine Tails Whip
  • Easy to store

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