Adam and Eve Ez Anal Douche

Adam and Eve Ez Anal Douche

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Adam and Eve Ez Anal Douche is a simple and effective solution to ensure a clean and comfortable anal play experience for you and your partner. This user-friendly anal douche lets you gently cleanse your body or your partner's with warm water, preparing you both for an incredibly satisfying and worry-free intimate encounter. Make your next anal adventure a pleasure-filled experience by incorporating the EZ Anal Douche into your pre-play routine.

To use, step into the bathtub and squeeze the bulb to fill it with warm water. Once filled, apply a generous amount of water-based or silicone lube to the firm, easy-entry plastic tip. Gently slide the tip inside and squeeze the bulb to release a gentle wave of cleansing water. Repeat this process until the water runs clear, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience for you and your partner.

Cleaning the EZ Douche is a breeze. Disassemble each part and wash thoroughly with hot water and Adam & Eve antibacterial cleaner. Once completely dry, reassemble the douche and store it in a cool, dark place, ready for your next intimate adventure.

Upgrade your anal play with the Adam and Eve Anal Douche, a must-have accessory for a clean, comfortable, and pleasurable experience every time.

Adam and Eve Ez Anal Douche Features:

  • A firm plastic tip for easy entry and comfortable use
  • 0.5-inch wide and 4.75-inch insertable length, perfect for all users
  • Sleek and comfortable design for a stress-free experience
  • Easy disassembly for a thorough cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene

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