CleanStream Premium One-Way Valve Enema Bulb Douche

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CleanStream Premium One-Way Valve Enema Bulb Douche is your ultimate solution for thorough and convenient anal cleansing. This sleek and efficient enema bulb is designed to make your cleansing routine effortless and enjoyable, ensuring you feel refreshed and confident for whatever lies ahead.

Constructed with a one-way valve, this cutting-edge enema bulb minimises messy back-flow, allowing you to focus on a stress-free and hygienic experience. Ideal for use in preparation for anal play, health-related purposes, or to achieve that squeaky-clean sensation, the CleanStream Premium Enema Bulb will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

The bulb is crafted from a soft, textured material that is comfortable to hold and provides an excellent grip for ultimate control during use. The smooth, lengthy nozzle ensures comfortable and deep penetration, catering to your needs and preferences.

The secure seal design guarantees that the nozzle and bulb screw together seamlessly, preventing unwanted leaks and ensuring optimal performance. The CleanStream Premium Enema Bulb offers convenient storage options; unscrew the nozzle, flip it around, and store it within the bulb when not in use.

Invest in the CleanStream Premium Enema Bulb Douche and elevate your cleansing experience. Enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes with a truly clean and refreshed feeling.

CleanStream Premium One-Way Valve Enema Bulb Douche Features:

  • One-way valve design to minimize messy back-flow
  • Flexible 5" nozzle for comfortable and easy insertion
  • Generous 300ML liquid capacity for thorough cleansing
  • Secure-seal screw nozzle for leak-proof performance
  • Soft, easy-to-grip bulb for enhanced control

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