Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring 48mm

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Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring 48mm is a game-changing intimate accessory that takes the traditional cock ring concept to a new level. This innovative device is expertly crafted from ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone and features a powerful motor, delivering unparalleled comfort, safety, and thrilling stimulation.

Setting itself apart from conventional silicone rings, the Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring boasts a non-stretch design. This unique approach emulates the snug fit of metal or rigid rings, while its slightly larger size accommodates the non-expandable material. Made with premium, waterproof, and phthalate-free medical-grade silicone, this ring is gentle on your skin and designed for safe aquatic adventures.

Elevate your pleasure with the Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring's ten custom vibration settings. These diverse frequencies provide a vast spectrum of sensations, allowing you to tailor your experience to suit your desires. Enjoy unparalleled control and stimulation that will take your intimate encounters to new heights.

The Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring is designed with convenience in mind. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries—recharge this eco-friendly device using the included USB cord. And compatibility with all sexual lubricants ensures that you can safely and comfortably enhance your experience with your favourite lube.

Discover a world of heightened pleasure and explore new realms of intimacy with the Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring 48mm. This groundbreaking accessory promises a stimulating and unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more.

Rechargeable MOTO Vibe Cockring 48mm Features:

  • Ten exhilarating vibration frequencies for personalized pleasure
  • Waterproof design for aquatic escapades
  • Rechargeable and eco-friendly, no batteries required
  • Compatible with all sexual lubricants for a smooth and satisfying experience

Care Instructions:

  • Wash before and after each use
  • Charge before use
  • Store separately from non-silicone items

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