Fleshlight Girls Kayden Kross

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Fleshlight Girls Kayden Kross is a sensual masterpiece designed to ignite your fantasies and elevate your pleasure to unparalleled heights. You no longer have to imagine what it would feel like to be with the stunning Kayden Kross; now, you can experience her intimate embrace in the comfort of your home. Why settle for daydreams when you can indulge in the sumptuous pleasures of the Kayden Kross sex toy by Fleshlight?

The Kayden Kross Pocket Pussy offers a breathtaking journey through her sensual curves and undulating depths, allowing you to control the intensity of your fantasy with each blissful stroke. This handheld pleasure device is skillfully crafted to replicate the exquisite sensation of entering Kayden's velvety folds. As you glide past her luscious, inviting lips, you'll be greeted by a symphony of compelling twists and bumps that redefine the "tunnel of love." 

With nine full inches of Kayden's supple, lifelike tightness, you'll be utterly captivated by the authentic, gratifying experience she provides. The Fleshlight Girls Kayden Kross Pocket Pussy is yours to command, whether you're seeking a leisurely exploration or a passionate rendezvous.

Give in to temptation and experience the ecstatic embrace of the Fleshlight Girls Kayden Kross Pocket Pussy. Your ultimate fantasy is now within reach.

For those who want to take their fantasy to the next level, you can even go to the shower. All you will need is the Fleshlight shower mount.

Fleshlight Girls Kayden Kross Features:

  • Color FleshTone
  • Orifice Kayden Kross Vagina
  • Canal Diameter Varies from 0.42" to 1"
  • Canal Texture Ultimate
  • Length 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • Diameter 4 inches to 2.5 inches (10.2 to 6.4 cm)
  • Case Pearlescent Case Included

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