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Clone-A-Willy, do you love everything about your man? Wouldn’t trade him for the world? Is he going away for a business trip? Still need some satisfaction, but absolutely love your man's penis? Not a problem! Get him to use the Clone-A-Willy kit before he leaves, he you will have a perfect clone of his penis to keep forever! You never have to go anywhere without your perfect copy of his penis with you.

Clone-A-Willy Darwin NT

With this tool kit, you can make a perfect copy of any penis. Not just a copy, but a vibrating one! This allows you to have your mans penis with you, but his penis is now able to something that the real thing can’t…vibrate!


Come into The Love Shop and grab the Clone-A-Willy kit so that you can take your favorite real life penis anywhere with you!

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Are you planning on leaving your current partner, but my god, he has such a big penis! Well, before you cut ties get him to use the Clone-A-Willy kit, and you can have something to remember him by.


You know this product is good quality because it comes from Empire labs.


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Clone-A-Willy On Box Description:


-Make a vibrating silicone replica of any penis
-Easy to make
-Do it yourself


Clone-A-Willy Features:


-Body Safe 'Light Skin Tone' Silicone
-One Bag of Algae Based Molding Powder
-Molding Tube
-Vibrating Unit

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