Sax Max Fit 12 Pack Condoms

Sax Max Fit 12 Pack Condoms

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Sax Max Fit 12 Pack Condoms are your ultimate key to unlocking the door to a world of unparalleled pleasure and safety. These premium condoms offer a luxurious, high-quality experience to enhance your most intimate moments while ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind. With a 60mm nominal width and a straight shafted design, Max Fit condoms are tailor-made for those who crave a perfect balance between comfort and sensation.

All 12 condoms in this pack undergo an individual electronic test for quality, ensuring you only receive the best. Our rigorous testing process guarantees that every Max Fit condom you use meets the international standard ISO 4074. You can trust that your intimate encounters will be protected and worry-free.

Designed with you and your partner in mind, these Max Fit condoms are generously lubricated with a non-spermicidal formula that provides a silky smooth glide for increased sensation and reduced friction. The reservoir tip adds an extra layer of protection, capturing fluids and preventing leaks from maximizing your safety during passionate encounters.

The Max Fit 12 Pack Condoms aren't just about protection and enhance your experience. The straight-shafted design ensures a secure fit while allowing for a natural and pleasurable feel. You'll be left saying, "Wow - so big and so reliable!" as you revel in the confidence of using a truly-performing product.

Sax Max Fit 12 Pack Condoms Features:

  • Wow - so big and so reliable
  • 60mm nominal width
  • Reservoir tip
  • Straight shafted

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