Nebula Bulb Anal Douche

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Nebula Bulb Anal Douche dive into ecstatic anal play and savours every intimate moment confidently, thanks to the Bulb Anal Douche. Part of the renowned Hueman Collection, this user-friendly and versatile accessory is designed to elevate your sexual experiences to new heights of pleasure, ensuring a comfortable, clean, and enjoyable encounter each time.

The secret to unlocking the full potential of your intimate encounters lies in proper preparation. The Bulb Anal Douche lets you cleanse your anus efficiently and effortlessly, paving the way for pleasurable and hygienic anal sex. The process is simple: remove the bulb from the nozzle and fill it with warm water. Reattach the nozzle, and then gently insert it into the anus. Squeeze the bulb to release the water, and afterwards, allow the water to flow out while seated on the toilet.

Constructed from high-quality silicone, the Nebula Bulb offers a soft and smooth texture, perfectly balancing flexibility and durability. With an insertable length of 105mm and dimensions of 254mm x 99mm x 82mm, this anal douche caters to users of various experience levels. The 240ml capacity ensures a thorough cleaning, while its streamlined design guarantees ease of use and discreet storage.

Maintaining the Bulb is a breeze. Clean it with water and a toy cleaner after each use to ensure longevity and preserve its pristine condition.

The Bulb Anal Douche is your gateway to exploring uncharted territories of pleasure and intimacy. Incorporating this essential tool into your prelude will set the stage for a more satisfying, comfortable, and unforgettable sexual experience, leaving you and your partner craving more.

Nebula Bulb Anal Douche Features:

  • Silicone enema bulb
  • Dimensions 254mm x 99mm x 82mm
  • Insertable length 105mm
  • Volume 240ml

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