Master Series Gape Glory Clear Large Hollow Anal Plug

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Master Series Gape Glory Clear Large Hollow Anal Plug is the perfect accessory for couples exploring new depths of intimacy and pleasure. This one-of-a-kind anal toy offers a tantalizing peek into your partner's hidden world, providing both parties with a thrilling and unforgettable experience. With its clear, hollow design and comfortable fit, the Gape Glory will take your erotic adventures to the next level.

Prepare to be amazed as you gaze into your partner's innermost desires. The Gape Glory's clear and hollow design offers an unparalleled view, allowing you to see every detail as you explore uncharted territory together. This captivating feature is perfect for those looking to indulge their voyeuristic fantasies while enjoying the pleasure of an anal plug.

Beyond visual stimulation, the Gape Glory's unique opening presents opportunities for creative liquid play. Whether administering an enema or devising other inventive ways to enhance your experience, this anal plug allows for various exciting possibilities.

Crafted with comfort in mind, the Gape Glory features a contoured base for extended wear, ensuring that you and your partner can revel in pleasure for as long as you desire. The plug's material is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants, providing versatility and convenience for intimate encounters.

Embark on a journey of discovery and pleasure with the Master Series Gape Glory Clear Large Hollow Anal Plug. This innovative toy will open up a world of new possibilities for you and your partner, inviting you to experience the ecstasy of the unknown.

Master Series Gape Glory Clear Large Hollow Anal Plug Features:

  • Clear, hollow design for maximum visibility and unique visual stimulation
  • Perfect for liquid play, including enemas and other creative uses
  • Comfortable contoured base for extended wear
  • Compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants
  • Measurements: 9.9 cm total length, 7.6 cm insertable length, 4.8 cm diameter
  • Material: TPE for a soft, body-safe experience
  • Colour: Clear for an unobstructed view

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