CleanStream Thin Tip Silicone Enema Bulb

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Introducing the CleanStream Thin Tip Silicone Enema Bulb is a revolutionary way to elevate your cleansing sessions with unrivalled comfort and efficiency. This user-friendly device is perfect for those seeking a pleasurable and invigorating experience, leaving you feeling thoroughly clean and refreshed.

Expertly crafted with an ergonomic design, the Enema Bulb makes administering liquid a breeze. A generous 225ml capacity provides ample space to hold your preferred cleansing solution. The easy-to-use system involves filling the bulb with your chosen liquid, attaching the ultra-slim nozzle, and you're ready to go!

The secret to the Enema Bulb's exceptional performance lies in its innovative, thin-tip nozzle. This sturdy attachment has been meticulously designed with an extra-thin profile, ensuring a seamless and comfortable insertion experience, whether used anally or vaginally. Its robust construction guarantees a secure and hassle-free application, allowing you to enjoy the process with absolute confidence.

Constructed from high-quality, body-safe silicone, the Enema Bulb prioritizes your health and well-being. Using premium materials ensures that your cleansing sessions are enjoyable but also safe and hygienic. The bulb's easy-to-clean surface adds to its practicality, making maintenance a cinch.

The Thin Tip Silicone Enema Bulb offers an unparalleled experience, combining comfort, efficiency, and a user-friendly design.

Indulge in a rejuvenating, pleasurable cleansing experience with the CleanStream Thin Tip Silicone Enema Bulb – your ultimate companion for exceptional personal hygiene and well-being.

CleanStream Thin Tip Silicone Enema Bulb Features:

  • A generous 225ml liquid capacity for thorough cleansing sessions
  • An ergonomic design for ease of use and a comfortable grip
  • A sturdy, extra-thin nozzle for hassle-free insertion
  • Premium, body-safe silicone construction for maximum safety and hygiene

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