How Do You Keep Sex Toys Clean

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How Do You Keep Sex Toys Clean Have sex toys made you a more comfortable and happier person? Reward the donor with thorough and species-appropriate cleaning. How to do this, and what's the best way to store your sex toys? Let's look at and understand how to keep your sex toys clean.

How Do You Keep Sex Toys Clean

Why do you need to clean your sex toys?

Who is asking such a question? First of all, because it's an object you insert into your body for pleasure or at least put very close to your sensitive areas. It is also absolutely recommended that you need to prevent infection. 


Last and most important argument: sex toys look a lot cleaner! This can be caused by contamination from couples' games or using sex toys on infected partners. Another excellent reason for cleaning is that sex toys that are regularly disinfected have a longer life.Jo Sex toy cleaner Darwin

Sex toy cleaning-precautions

Most sex toys lick clean, Finished! No, that was a very stylish joke. The first step for all the ingredients listed below is to wipe thoroughly with a warm, damp, lint-free cloth and a mild, odourless soap (hand soap is enough). Then rinse off the soapy residue.

Stainless steel, glass, silicone, nylon, and pyrex

Unless otherwise specified, sex toys made from these non-porous materials can be placed in boiling water for almost 10 minutes after the first cleaning cycle. An alternative to this is a course without tabs in the dishwasher. But only if it is not an electrical device! You don't need to clean your sex toys every time you make a pleasure donation, but at least regularly.

Jelly, elastomer, wood, and other porous materials

These materials are susceptible to deformation when exposed to heat. It is advisable to clean it regularly with regular alcohol-free disinfectants because sometimes cooking disinfection is unnecessary. There are also special toy cleaners for this.

Cyber ​​skin

This porous material imitates human skin and is absorbent, soft, and elastic. After cleaning and rinsing your Cyberskin sex toy, you will have to work again with talcum powder.

Electric sex toys

Using an electric or battery-operated dildo removes the battery at first. Then the same procedure as for sex toys made from porous fabrics. When cleaning, keep the connections and battery compartment away from water.


This shortlist shows that different sex toy materials are easy to clean differently. Follow that flow to your next purchase decision.

This is how you get rid of sex toys.

What Happens After Cleaning Your Sex Toy? Let's check out what the next task is:

  • Dry or wipe with a build-up-free fabric.
  • Check for anything unusual. Particularly in the case of glass toys, even minor defects can cause significant damage.
  • Put dry sex toys in a container—bags made of silk or Tyvek work well. Better toys already have such a bag. Do not use Tupperware or plastic bags.
  • Do not put other toys in one container. Materials can react with each other and cause ugly deformation!
  • Please don't put it in the bathroom. A dry, dark, and dust-free place are ideal. So in the drawer with underwear!

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