Diversion Safes Darwin

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Diversion Safes Darwin

Diversion Safes Darwin is a great way to hide your valuables in plain sight.


The reason these are called diversion safe is that they are not what they appear. The idea is similar to the cookie tin all our grandmothers had that was filled with sowing equipment. To the uninitiated, these tins looked like a promising place to find a snack, but would, to their massive disappointment, contain sewing equipment that you couldn't eat to save your life.


Unlike that cookie tin, these diversion safes aren't anywhere near as well known or universal. That's what allows these items to be hidden in plain sight, and as they say, the best place to hide something is right in front of someone's face.


A diversion safe turns any spot in your house into a potential hiding place


The only thing you need to worry about is the aesthetics of your home and making sure it fits into place. For example, you wouldn't keep a cheesecake on your coffee table, so that would be a terrible place to keep a cheesecake diversion safe.


Speaking of cheesecakes, diversion safes come in many different forms, so you will be able to find something that's both the right size for the items you wish to hide and the right aesthetics to fit into your desired hiding spot.


Diversion Safes Darwin at The Love Shop


Yes, diversion safes are generally intended to hide valuable jewellery and the like, but who's to say what's valuable? If you want to hide your Tim Tams from your kids, the basketball tickets that you bought as a gift for your spouse's upcoming birthday, or you wish to hide and keep safe your belly button lint collection, diversion safes wont discriminate.


Put your mind at ease, hide your valuables where you can check on them, and sleep well knowing that that lamp next to you contains your Pokemon card collection in its base.

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