Multiple Orgasms Are Possible By Using The Satisfyer Pro

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Multiple Orgasms Are Possible By Using The Satisfyer Pro Have you ever wondered if multiple orgasms are a myth. The truth is Some people do have them. And now you can to our customer feedback tell us women can get up to three orgasms in one evening when using the Satisfyer Pro 2. But is it possible to get more?

Satisfyer's original suction technology is well-known. It creates air waves around the clitoris just like a vacuum. The head vibrates as well, in case you thought that wasn't enough. This means that I can have a faster orgasm. It takes me about a minute to finish, as opposed to the usual 5-10 minutes.

The Satisfyer's latest version is even better. The Satisfyer has a larger head, plus and minus buttons, which make it easier to adjust power modes, and a quieter motor for when someone is close by. It's more powerful on the highest setting than in the previous, which I found both terrifying and fascinating.

Our Favourite is the Satisfyer pro 2 pink: Next Generation and the Satisfyer pro 2 penguin: Next Generation. The handle and head of the Satisfyer pro 2 are smaller than the standard and shape the pet like a penguin.

The Penguin's head is more focused and less cushioned, while the larger one feels more comfortable with a diffuse sensation.
Usually, after trying the pink version first, customers are amazed by the one-minute sneaky-up-on your sensation.

Multiple Orgasms Are Possible By Using The Satisfyer Pro Here's A Quick Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

While playing around with my partner, I asked him to use it on me at the highest setting. It was painful when he placed it where I wanted it to be. This could have been a risky sex toy. But once he got it right, I could take it over immediately. After a minute of kissing, I said, "Try it again." My legs started shaking again within minutes, surprise! After a brief interlude of kissing, I felt bold again. I said, "Again." Although it was becoming uncomfortable to continue, the Penguin managed to seduce me with another orgasm.

It was like I was discovering a new side to myself. I felt greedy. I felt insatiable. I felt limitless. I felt like a sex goddess.

Although my clit was already aching, I was still too curious to know how far this could take me before calling it a night. The toy was again used while we were having sex. It arrived at the fourth orgasm a little later than expected. After I had finished, I was curious about the standard pink Satisfyer. I held it up to my eyes and got another one.

Final count: Five orgasms. What the hell? What would happen if this suction head was placed over my clit all day? It was not something I wanted to find out.

Our final verdict? The Satisfyer is great for intercourse, as you can't do without one. It is also great for people who struggle with climaxing. It's a great tool, and I intend to make use of it. Check out our video reviews.

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