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If you’re a fella lookin’ for a yella in the sack, or a lady looking for some extra spice in your sex life, strap yourself in and keep your finger on the buzzer because your searching days are over. We’ve filled this tight little book to the brim with sexy swinging couples, horny hunks, and nasty nymphos who will do just about everything! Who needs Cupid when you have SCN mag? We do all the hard parts for you! Well… not ALL the hard parts. Enjoy perusing ourbible of blasphemy at your own leisure, just don’t blame us if you get caught with your hand down your pants.

This service is 100% discreet. To get get into contact with someone you must go to SCN Contact in products, and purchase a SCN Contact for $5, then in comments of your order put in the contact# of the person you wish to meet and your reply to their ad, as well as your contact details for them to get back in touch with you.

When you purchase an SCN Contact you must ensure you put in the Order Comments the following information:

Your return address (So the Contact can reply to you)

A letter to that contact you have chose (So they can know what you're looking for, and if they wish to reply)

And the Contact # of the person you wish to get into contact with (this number is found above the persons listing in the SCN categories. EG #348)

SCN Contacts Catagories:

Couples Looking For Couples And Or Females
Females For Males Or Couples
Males Looking For Females
Couples Looking For Males
Males Looking For Males
Males, Females, Couples, Group
B&D, S&M

Free Article

A Date With A Hot Chick From A Sex Dating Site

When I was in Amsterdam, I started feeling quite lonely barely a week after I had landed. But it was a high profile job and I didn’t want to quit. And I thought things would become better if I could find some feminine company for some sex dating. I played around with the Internet for a while, and I got this really fun-sounding sex dating website. I quickly made an account and checked some profiles. No one back home would know what I was up to here! The girl that I liked was named Nita. Her picture was great (topless!) and I sent her one of my pics. I immediately got her reply. We talked for a while and things got hot from the first chat itself. I asked her if we could meet at a café. She was game! Few women I slept with were as lovely as her. And she was really dressed like a whore, which really excited me so much. Her boobs were pretty much spilling out from her dress. When she sat next to me, she deliberately brushed her thigh with mine. The dinner was a blur. I just remember the food tasted good, though I don’t know what we ordered. When she laughed, her eyes told me more than she said with her lips. She parted her lips suggestively. I couldn’t waste any more time now. It was difficult to wait any more. I slid my hand between her legs. She didn’t resist me or slap my hand away. I went higher. She was wearing no panties! I felt that little bush of hair around her pussy and was so aroused. She got wet and I began licking her juice… Dinner was definitely done now. I paid the garcon and led the girl to my apartment. The date was very much on! She was an animal in bed. I have had my share of women, but this was a woman I thought I couldn’t handle! She was so sizzling hot. I fucked her dry, several times over and she was an unstoppable sex partner. I really thanked my stars for sending me to Amsterdam. What a lovely city! What a lovely experience!

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