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The Love Shop offers a franchise opportunity in Australia whereby applicants gain access to our brand and system and we help them become successful at running their own adult Business. Before you make any decisions  you need to read further because there are some problems with running an Adult shop in all states of Australia Except the Northern Territory and ACT.

Australian Adult Store Legal Information

If you are in any states except the Northern territory and Act you cannot legally sell x-rated dvd’s and in some cases category 2 magazines (Ones that Show penetration). Although it is completely legal for people to own this type of material.

If you choose to open a store in these states we can only advise you not to sell these products although we will supply you with information on a complete set of suppliers so that you can stock your store. The reason we supply you this information is, because your opposition will be selling this material. Basically these Adult Businesses take their chances with the law. In QLD you cannot sell anything showing penetration but QLD has the most number of Adult stores In Australia all selling x rated and unclassified material, there are from time to time raids in various states but it is very hard to find information on the outcomes. Our System was set up so that you could sell X rated Material and we would send it direct to your customers, but with the internet your customers want the material now that is why all the Adult Shops take their chances.

Adult Stores Selling Unclassified Material

The other side of our business that you need to know is about Classification, If you buy one of our franchises we will help you stay within the law as far as classification in Australia. But again there is a couple of problems with this.

  • It is Legal for people to own unclassified material
  • It is legal for people to import unclassified material
  • But It is Illegal for you to sell it
  • In Australia They Only Classify 10 Odd Xrated DVDs A Week
  • In the US They make 100’s of xxx dvds a week
  • Importers no longer classify catagory 2 magazines (penetration)
  • Only Refused Classification Cannot Be Imported sold or kept
  • There are very few things in Australia that are refused classification

So What Does This Mean For Your Adult Franchise

Well if you choose to buy one of our franchises your opposition will be selling things that are against the law although, they will be selling unclassified material because its cheap and easy to get and your customers want it.

Why Is Unclassified Material Cheap

This is another good question, the answer is that because it has not been sent through the Australian censors and charged the 1000 odd dollar classification fee, so then it is unclassified, the majority of adult movies that these censors see are classified X there are a minute percentage that are classified RC ( Completely Illegal to sell). There are some categories that tend to get a RC more often.

Adult Categories The Censors RC The Most

  • Bondage
  • Pissing
  • Violence
  • Anime
  • Actors Under 18 (This Is a NO NO) your opposition will not be selling these, because this is very very bad.

So what does it all mean, well if you want one of our franchises much the above is what we advise you not to sell, although for some of the categories we will tell you where to get it.

Knowing This Why Buy Our Adult Franchise

Well our adult franchises come with some things that are legal and do make you money, you can stock your store with the latest sex toys lingerie lubes and lotions. Our franchise store comes with Internet viewing booths at $2 for 7 minutes once set up the only cost is an internet connection and virus removal.

If you buy one of our franchises you get access to support and guidance that you will need, and will prove completely indispensable for any start up business particularity one In the adult industry .


What Does An Adult Franchise Cost

Our franchises cost $100 to $150 000 dollars depending on the size of the store and how much you are willing to do to cut down the cost for instance we will break down an average cost of setup.

  • Adult Franchise Fee $25000
  • Fitout $60 000
  • Stock $60 000
  • Cash For Start Up $10000

What Do You Get For your Adult Franchise Fee

  1. Uniforms
  2. Training
  3. Ongoing Support
  4. Shop Design
  5. Advice On Location
  6. Lease Assistance

How To Save money On The Adult Franchise

Well there are 2 ways you can save money one is to work with us to manage your fitout, and do as much as you can, for instance painting , find benches that are ready made, find a shop that doesn’t need much work.

International Adult Franchises

Over the years we have had contact from people that want to buy one of our franchises outside of Australia, We Do not have any Adult Shop Franchises Outside Of Australia and at this stage have no intention of pursuing this option. If you are an Investor and want to use our brand and trade mark you can contact us , but we will not be investing anytime in this option our goal is a successful Australian market. But if you do want to pursue this option we will be happy to offer access to our system and support for a price please contact us .

Adult franchise Ongoing Costs

If you buy one of our franchises we charge %5 ongoing to stay part of our network access our materials and support, you also have wages, rent, electricity , insurance, advertising , internet and phones to name but a few.

What Can Your Adult franchise Earn

This is such a huge question it would be impossible to calculate but if you can get 120 a people per week through your doors you should make a small profit, anything over this you will make a bigger profit we cant guarantee this because you cost will vary so much but if you have lower cost you have lower break even customer flow.

What Are The Next Adult Franchise  Steps

Well the next step if after all this information you believe you want more information well we then send recommend you grab our adult franchise overview once you have read this then you may have more questions if so you can contact us otherwise we have a set procedure.

  1. Fill In the form below
  2. Ask any questions you need answers to you questions
  3. Upon Acceptance
  4. Pay A non refundable deposit of $2000 (this comes out of your franchise fee)this is so we can spend time helping you find the location and to fly to meet you to finalize the steps.

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