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Drop Shipping

adult drop ship

We have over the years being asked for Drop Shipping services well we are now proud to offer you the opportunity for us to drop ship for you. We have a very simple operation and have tailored it to meet our customer’s needs.

If you are wanting to become part of our drop shipping you will also need to join our Dropshipping mailing list this is simply to keep you informed of various out of stockes special offers and other things that will be of importance to you as a member of our drop ship service. >>>>>>

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Steps to Meeting Your Drop Shipping Needs

  1. Let Us Know Your Needs or Fill Form in at bottom of this page
  2. We Will give you a quote on product by product (include this in the email)
  3. Sign Up To Our Shop You Only Need To Do This Once
  4. Add our products to your shop and shopping cart
  5. When you make a sale simply forward us an email
  6. We add the order to our system Using your own details
  7. Send To your customer with your shipping details on bag and your receipt
  8. You get updated on the order status as well as the tracking details and order number
  9. Everything Is tracked
  10. All Products are tested (batteries and dates before dispatch)

We Make Up Drop Shipping Labels

Your Name
Your Business Address
Your State Your Post Code

You Supply Us Your Invoice and Delivery Instructions we charge you dropship price you charge your price

That’s It everything you need To have us do the hard work for you so do yourself a sex toy drop shipping favour and join our Australian Sex Toy Drop Shipping Today we can price per unit or at a drop shipping level.

Important Information all adult dropship orders go via express post (except the odd road item - nail polish remover)  as a registered item this will be added to the quote so shipping will be

adult drop ship australia

Adult Drop Shipping Postage

  • Up to 500gm = 8.90 + $2.00
  • 500gm to 3kg = 11.90 + $2
  • 3kg = 13.90 + $2 
  • 3kg - 5kg = 19.90 + $2 
  • Road is 4.65 + $2 up to 500gm
  • 10.30 + $2 up to 3 kg etc


Who Charges Who : Drop Ship Partners Charge your customers and we charge you , we do not have accounts we charge as soon as the Adult Dropship order is sent

Drop Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply Adult Images: We will supply you images free of watermark or with your watermark included (free) we modify the images for you , this is part of our service up to a maximum of 30 images if you want more than this please contact us for a quote.

Do You Supply Adult Product Descriptions : you need to supply your own product descriptions, this is recomended for search engines. We can supply you 100 - 250 word original write ups at $5 dollars per product.

Do You Do Web Design : Yes we can help you build a website using our proven infrastructure our rates are very competitive infact for a 100 product website we can make you live for $999 (gst Included hosting each year $166 per year first year included) for up to 5000 products we can build your website for $2999 , if you get a website of us we can add some of our products to get you started but you are free to sell anything you want.

Do You Help Promote: All drop ship partners can use our Article distribution service to promote your website free of charge you just need to be a drop ship partner, you need to write an article or sex storry in UAW format (3 versions) and we release with links to your page across our network. If you want us to write your article for you then We can do this for you for $30 Dollars this is a discount for drop ship partners.

Can You export entire Database: Yes we can but the problem with this is duplicate content google hates it and so will your customers

Pricing and Billing: Please see below , but basically you bill your customers we bill you

How Can I Know That you do not send your details: this is a good question , firstly it will be bad business practise to rip of customers any customers, secoundly you can do a test order at any time aunder a different name so it would make no sence to rip our customers off.

Have You Done Adult Drop shipping Before: Well yes we have provided services for one of WA's Largest Adult Catalog suppliers , of coarse this was before the Internet.

What Sort Of Volume Can We Support: Again this is like a piece of string , if you have special needs simply contact us, but we have full shelves and an amazing system so you would be crazy not to give us ago.

How Do I know whats happening with my customers Parcel: If your customer contacts you and says where is my parcel you simply have to check your email or loginto our website all tracking details are kept there and you are emailed as the order works itsway through our system.

What Other things Should I sell

Well obviously you are looking at selling adult products but there are things that will compliment your business these are what I recommend all drop ship partners signup for as webmasters

These 3 Links alone will pay for your time reading this page you will not be disappointed and they are free .

Can You Supply An Adult Drop Ship Database

If you are looking for a bulk upload for your shop we can supply as a csv or xl file remeber we do not provide full descriptions this is simply because of search enging duplication penaltys. Thats why we suggest a small selection of products to start.

adult dropship file export

Drop Ship Billing

You Bill your customers We Bill you , we have set up a 28% discount level for drop ship customers as well as some amazing prices on specific items. If you want to sell one or one hundred we can supply you the details. We will also provide images without a watermark for smaller request. If you want to take our Whole Shop we can provide an export for your convienience. Once Your customers order is emailed to us we print your invoice pack order add your details to the Express post bag we then charge you we then mail the order. As the order works its way through our system you get email updates as well as the package tracking details so you can manage your order.

How Adult Drop Ship Promotion Works

  • You Sign up to be a drop ship partner
  • add our products to your website
  • write a special formated article
  • We submit the article to hundreds of adult directories

Does this sound like the best offer ever contact us today

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