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If you are looking for an adult affiliate program in Australia for Australian customers then look nofurther we have just fitted one of the internets most popular affiliate tracking softwares to handle our Adult Affiliate sales. The system is really quiet robust and offers you the ability to manage many of your campaigns , with some really amazing tools to track your traffic. We will also provide technical advice to fit and configure your website so you can make sales. If you make money we make money.

We also give you the ability to promote your website an our products with ease , we help you release original article by many of our partner sites , some of the busiest Adult Article Directories on the internet. So our system works if you have a website or even if you don't.

Our Adult Affiliate Program Features

  • 20% Payout
  • $10 For Just Joining
  • Pay Pal Transfer when you Account Reaches One Hundred Australian Dollars
  • Targeting Australian Customers Only
  • Advanced Affiliate Tracking
  • Easy set up
  • Support From Our Tech Team

What's Different With Our Adult Affiliate Programadult affiliate Australia

The difference with our program as opposed to others we allow you to promote your website on our website and our Adult Article Directories we allow you to write a guest adult article and send it to us and we will release it to our amazing system with your links intact. For your article to be accepted it will need to be original , it will need to link to our website via an affiliate link or to your website page with our information and affiliate system. This is an amazing opportunity to promote your affiliate links and all you need to do is write an article and submit it to us along with your affiliate link.

You Do not even  have to sign up to one single article directory we do it all for you, heres some of the directories we use , adultplr.com , adultarticle.com , freeadultarticles.com, xratedarticles.com plus over 50 more. Are you willing to write a sexy article or story and get paid for any sales that originate from it well heres your chance. Now If you want to be submited to hundreds of directories we will need a special format but you don't need to know about this unless you want to get down and dirty with the big daddy of promotion. How much does this cost it's free we pay you for any sales that come via your link. Of coarse you can use the old fashion ways but why would you. 

Other Important Adult Website Affiliate You must use in conjunction with our affiliate program

Important Information we do not allow promotion by Unsolicited Email you account will be deleted and all money forfeited. On the other hand if you are looking to partner with a great Australian business then please visit our Adult Affiliate Management Area. or fill in the form below.

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